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GRI Global Reporting Initiative, The International Corporate Sustainability Reporting Site, CorporateRegister.com (CR Reports, CR News, Expert Reviews), IIRC International Integrated Reporting Committee, CDSB Climate Disclosure Standards Board, SASB Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, SustainAbility, SocialFunds, Ceres, Roberts Environmental Center, CSRwire, Business Wire, The New York Times, Thomson Reuters (Sustainability), Ethical Corporation, European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry - Sustainable and responsible business), ECCJ European Coalition for Corporate Justice, CSR Asia, Accountability Central, Business Ethics (Michael Connor), CSR International (Wayne Visser), Lifeworth Consulting (Jem Bendell), Sustainable Brands, 3BL Media, Justmeans, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, GreenBiz, Grist, Environmental Leader, Triple Pundit, SustainableBusiness.com, Network for Business Sustainability (Canada), BusinessGreen, Climate Action, BusinessAssurance.com, Guardian, edie.net, Defra, CSR/sustainability news from Yahoo! & Google, many Blogs.




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The NFRCSR website was first published in October 2005 and is updated continually.


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